Foxy Angel spanking her submissive

Hey all!

Today’s shemale is the one and only Foxy Angel, coming straight from her rocking website Foxy Angel Shemale Goddess, which you just have to check out! Foxy Angel likes to have a lot of variety in her day to day routine, so if she’s not having some solo shemale fun, Foxy Angel almost always has a playmate. The thing is, sometimes these playmates aren’t entirely willing, which makes things all the more fun, don’t you agree? Today, for instance, Foxy Angel has obtain a reluctant little malebitch for her own personal pleasure. Foxy quickly turns into the shemale dominatrix we all know and love, forcing her slave into submission.


Foxy then bends over her slave and in true shemale style forces him to such her tranny cock while spanking his ass.


Our shemale dominatrix then turns her slave around and proceeds to fuck his ass nice and hard, just like we like it!


After satisfying her desire to fuck his tight ass, Shemale Goddess Foxy Angel forces her sub to the floor and slides her huge tranny cock into his mouth.


Foxy Angel proves once again, that shemale femdoms are nothing to laugh at and that they always, always, get exactly what they want. If you love shemale femdoms and love Foxy Angel even more, then you have to check out her site!

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