Areeya in traditional Thai costume

Hey people!

Ladyboy Areeya is back again today, coming from her awesome site Areeya’s World, which as always, you just have to check out. Today Areeya is teasing us in a traditional Thai costume, which definitely keeps things interesting. I’m always amazed at how a fine Ladyboy can make even the most exotic of outfits seem drop dead sexy. Areeya fits the bill well in this outfit, its almost as if she is begging you to come strip it off of her hot tranny body. Everything about it, from the head piece to the dress itself, just screams exotic Ladyboy lust. Put this traditional garb on top of the unbelievably sexy Areeya and you’ve got one photo shoot to die for. Areeya begins by teasing us with just a small portion of her luscious tit hanging out of her dress


Areeya then lets both of her girls out and even squeezes them a little bit for us


Our shemale goddess then begins to slowly remove her finger pieces, looking amazing sexy in the process


After gettting the top half of her outfit off, Areeya starts to slide the bottom off, revealing her firm tranny ass


Areeya never ceases to look sexy, even when she is in traditional costume you’d never expect! If you want to see the rest of this shoot as well as tons of other shoots of this ladyboy vixen, then head over to her site and check em’ out!

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