Foxy Angel taking control

For today, we’ve got one of my personal favorites, a sexy shemale treating her male sex slave like the dog he is. I’m sure you’ll get just as much enjoyment out of this one as I did. Our tranny goddess for today is nothing other than Foxy Angel herself, comming straight from her blazing hot site Foxy Angel. Some shemales are content just to dominate their slaves, but Foxy doesn’t just want to be in charge, she wants to completely humiliate her malebitch as well. What better way to do that than leash him up with a metal chain, further proving her mastery.

Here we see our shemale femdom with her chained male slave, ready for action


Not wasting any time, Shemale Goddess Foxy Angel slips down her fishnet stockings and lets her slave suck her off


Her hot prick no longer content with her slave’s mouth, Foxy begins to pound his ass from behind


After using his body for her own personal pleasure, our shemale domme prepares to cum all over her slave’s face


It really gets me going to see a fully grown man completely and utterly dominated by a gorgeous tranny dominatrix. The fine line between pleasure and pain that these shemales bring is just outstanding.

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