Ladyboy Mint playing around

Hello all,

The set for today is a little different than the standard crop of ladyboy pictures you’ll find on the internet and that’s definitely a good thing. Today’s lusty asian shemale, Mint, comming straight from the kick ass site Long Mint, is dressed up for us. Mint loves to tease and in this tempting outfit this shemale proves just how good she is at it. Complete from the little cap on her head, all the way down to the lace stockings that are so tight against her juicy thighs, this is one tranny who knows how to deliver.

Here Ladyboy Mint is having some fun with her bottles


Things get naughty really quick as our hot shemale begins to strip off her outfit


Ladyboy Mint lets her firm, plump tits free from her cute little outfit, letting them hang out for us to enjoy


Now our ladyboy gets really naughty and shoves her cute little bottle over her massive throbbing cock


Ladyboy Mint always really gets me going, I just love how huge and perfect her cock is. I’d just love to feel that thing pounding my ass, how about you all?

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